Industrial solid fuel boilers with efficiency power of 98-200 kW

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Industrial solid fuel boilers “Kordi” are designed to provide heating of large area and maintaining the required temperature for technological processes in production.

Control of the boiler is provided automatically by the automatic safety and control, additionally installed bleed valves of the excess pressure in the heating system and safety valve.

Boilers “Kordi” have reliable and high-quality design of the heat exchanger with reinforced cast iron grate, allowing you to burn wood, coal and anthracite, and ensures long time in commission of the boiler.

Big combustion chamber enables to provide a continuous process of burning up to 10 hours on one fuel load. The unique design of industrial boilers allows to clean the boiler of ash and sediment conveniently and quickly.
Standard cast iron grate and check doors have a long time in commission and are easily replaced.


Model КОТВ-100М КОТВ-150М КОТВ-200
Power, kW 98 150 200
Heating area, m2 980 1450 1950
Efficiency, % 80-83 80-83 80-83
Operating pressure in the heating system, kgf/cm2 2,0 2,0 2,0
Flange connections, mm 0160 0160 0160
Volume of water in boiler, l 220 380 440
Maximum load of fuel, l 90 135 195
Chimney diameter, mm 320 320 320
Minimum height of chimney, m
11 12 13,5
The maximum water temperature, °C 85 85 85
Weight, kg 875 930 1060
Overall dimensions
Height, mm 1930 1930 1930
Width, mm 800 800 800
Depth, mm 1292 1447 1600
Control automatics + +
Dimensions of combustion chamber
Height, mm 698 698 698
Width, mm 630 630 630
Depth, mm 797 950 1115
The recommended price, UAH 60960 90750 103005

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