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Ejector rack is a rack on which the sway braces, lock D3 -UM for cargo fixing, lifting mechanism, switch box, bracket with IPI-155, PUS-36-71, MVN-66 electromechanisms are installed.

PUS-36-71 is designed to control the operation of the block UB-32, which is suspended on the holder, with the instalment of the latest on the objects that are equipped with a special system.

MPI-155 is a pulsing mechanism designed to control electro-pyrotechnical devices to ensure the cargo dropping on ACTIVE and PASSIVE.

MVN-66 is a mechanism designed to control the operation of cargo on ACTIVE and PASSIVE, equipped with devices that ensure their operation by mechanical arming.

Lock UM-DZ is designed for hanging, delivery and discharge of cargos weighing from 50 to 500 kg. Designed for standard cargos which have one or two eye rings with a distance between them of 250 mm. Includes two squibs, with separate electrical circuits for each. High pressure gas from the squib makes pressure on the piston, which is responsible for the cargo discharge. Lock UM-DZ is used in beams and pylons Su and MiG.