Човен «Чирок»

Boat rowing “Chirok” (CHR-1, CHR-2) is designed for hunters, fishermen and lovers of water recreation.

Lightweight and collapsible design allows owners to keep it in the garage, barn and visit different waters at any distance from house.

Boat easily disassembled without special tools, for compact sections, consisting each other, allowing them to be transported by car or motorcycle with a sidecar.

In the boat there are seats made of polystyrene foam, which also retain its buoyancy when accidentally tipping over.



Model CHR-1 (3-sectional) CHR-2 (4-sectional)
Load capacity, kg 160 180
Dimensions (assembled) mm 2265*940*440 3030*940*440
Dimensions (in packaged form), mm 780*970*480 780*970*560
Weight with oars, kg
Black metal 36 49,3
Aluminum metal 23 31,1
Passenger capacity, pers. 2 2

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