Developer is the State enterprise “State Kyiv Design Bureau “Luch”. Mechanical parts manufactures SE “Krasyliv Aggregate Plant”.

Portable anti-tank missile system “Stugna-P” is designed to strike the manpower, movable and immovable modern armored targets with combined, spaced or monolithic armour including active armour, as well as pinpoint targets like permanent fire position, a tank in a trench, not heavily armoured objects and helicopters.
The peculiarity of the complex is the ability to aim the missile on targets from the closed positions and holds, reducing the risk of destruction of gunner by the reverse firing of the enemy.


Maximum range
daytime 5000
at night 3000
Flight time at maximum range less than 25 sec
Guidance system by laser beam on target tracking in automatic mode
Warhead, tandem hollow, armor penetration behind ERA at least 800 mm
Warhead, high-explosive core of shock, EFP penetration at least 60 mm
Operating temperature range -40 to +60 º C
Mass of missile in container 29,5 kg
Caliber of missile 130 mm
The length of the container 1360 mm
The external diameter of the container 140 mm
Weight, launcher 32 kg
Weight, aiming device 15 kg
Weight, remote control 10 kg
Weight, heat insulating module 6 kg